Terms And Conditions

  • Employ Woman is an online web platform for non-profit privately held by “Do It for me” www.difm.tech to help empower women through employment. Please see below for our terms and conditions for the use of platform for its services. (For the below context EW stands for EmployWoman.com and DIFM is short for Do it for me)
    • PURPOSE: Aiming to empower women by providing more employment, EW aims at targeting Major big league companies and help them help the society to make it better for women by hiring more and more women, since our platform is no-profit, we are very cost effective and would be happy to receive a donation as the generosity of our users. For more information on donation, please contact info@employwoman.com
    • ANTI SPAM: unlike other companies we don’t spam you. If you subscribe to our newsletters, we promise to not send more than 1 in a week and to just send updates via email or texts. In case you feel we are flooding your inbox, please feel free to email us at info@employwoman.com and mention your concerns. We also ensure our emails that are sent are virus and spam links free. At the same time we expect the same from you. Any user trying to spam our links or send us spam emails will be banned from the use of website.
      1. Every user registered as job seeker will be verified via email verification and any and every updates will be provided via email. Applying for jobs will be as easy as a click of a button if your resume is complete, a copy of the information will be available to download for every user registered as job seeker.
      2. For every user registered as employer, a small will be charged as a verification fees for business and listing costs. This fees is a yearly expense on the company to help the platform sustain its expenses on security and maintenance and verification costs.
    • DATA PROTECTION: any data shared on the website by its users, is classified in two different sections.
      1. Private data: isn’t accessible to anyone other than the user, and DIFM as parent company for EW. We do not sell your private data to any other organization.
      2. Public data: all data tagged as public data is for the use of information sharing with the employers and job seekers and helps the users to find employment as well as companies to find employees.
      1. Every employer registered at our platform is here to only find women employees. Any and every other expectation is within the category of services
      1. EW strives to ensure the verification of users and also assures them that our team is working hard on adding more employers in every area there is.
    • CHANGES TO THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS: any change minor or major to our terms and conditions and privacy policy will be communicated to users via email. EW and DIFM reserves the right to make changes in the terms and conditions at any point.
    • POLICY UPDATES: every policy update will be in order to make EW more successful in empowering women through employment
    • Privacy policy and Terms and conditions applicability: while a user is at the website for employwoman, the privacy policy and terms and conditions are governing and will prevail in case of any conflict.
      1. EW, is owned and operated by DIFM and is a privately held nonprofit venture of DIFM to ensure that what we make, we give it back to the world.
      2. Our motive is to help create a better world for women, for the amount you pay, the profits will be used for building old age homes and education and training centers for women in underprivileged areas.
    • Compensation and liability:
      1. In any circumstance, any claims of any loss incurred by use of EmployWoman, (EW or DIFM) have no liability to pay any compensation to any of its users or non-users.
    • No-refund policy:
      1. EW follows a no refund policy for any service payment or donation that is made, our nonprofit status does directly use the money for the betterment of the web platform and the profits are directly used for creating job opportunities for underprivileged places.

    Queries and concerns:

    For any queries feel free to connect with us via Contact us form or email us at info@employwoman.com. One can also reach our Business WhatsApp at +1(917)341-4712 with queries, concerns and suggestions.