Influential Employee; An Eloquent Asset

Influence is the ability to elevate others up to your own level of perspective. With the crucial skills by your side, you can conquer the path of leadership comfortably. The most significant power in the business world lies in the realisation that influence is the key to success and not authority. Irrespective of the workplace, […]

Role of gender equality in sustainable development

In achieving equality in leadership roles, women have made good progress in the workplace. Despite this, women are still underrepresented in the upper levels of organizations. Why so? The reason is gender inequality and that affects growth. In this blog, we will discuss the relationship between gender equality and sustainable development. Creating ways for sustainability […]

Tips on how to set career goals and achieving them

Setting out career goals is the first step towards establishing yourself in the job market. Women career becomes a critical issue because they need to bear several things in mind before they enter the job market and start looking for jobs for females. In the beginning, it is normal that you realize that you have […]

Gender Equality – How Close Are We to Achieving it?

Gender equality, which is also referred to as sexual equality, is a state of equal opportunities, resources, and education between men and women alike. Including socially, politically, and economically. In this article, we will discuss the steps needed for us to achieve true gender equality, as well as how much further we still have to […]

Female business owners- the more, the merrier

We are all very well familiarized with the gender disparity in the big world of business and entrepreneurship. Women are considered to be the weaker gender and are kept away from the big world of business and important decisions related to their livelihood. One can easily talk about Bezos, Gates, Cuban and Zuckerberg but whom […]

Employing Women is Empowering Women

How does employing women lead to women’s empowerment? Empowering women all around the globe is an important issue. And one could say that it indeed starts with hiring more women at workplaces. Strengthening women at work, in turn, enhances the company, it also allows women to gain more freedom, respect, and dignity in the long […]

Are Women Better Managers?

There is a lot of talk on the internet and media lately about women being better leaders than men. So, is it true? Do women make better managers? The answer is probably not as black and white as it may seem. However, recent studies do point towards the answer being yes. Let’s take a closer […]

Keys to Building Your Career

What is your purpose in life? The answer to this question is the first key to building your career. Having a clear vision and setting goals are keys number two and three. Developing the necessary skills for your chosen profession, networking with others in the field, and working with a mentor are key four, five, […]

Welcome to EmployWoman!

We are a group of passionate souls and young innovative brains, focused on helping the women with entrepreneurial spirits or a strong will of working forever. Being part of the same world as yours, we know that women empowerment can only happen when all women are educated and employed. After all, the only way to […]