Gender Equality – How Close Are We to Achieving it?

Gender equality, which is also referred to as sexual equality, is a state of equal opportunities, resources, and education between men and women alike. Including socially, politically, and economically.

In this article, we will discuss the steps needed for us to achieve true gender equality, as well as how much further we still have to go in order to get there. We’ll also touch on related issues such as women’s empowerment and what men can do to help.

How do we Achieve Gender Equality?

When you think about gender equality, what do you think? What is the first thought that crosses through your mind? I can tell you mine; I think of the principles that lie behind women’s empowerment. The reason? There is no lack of equality for men, quite the opposite. Men have had the upper hand for centuries.

It is common sense then, that to achieve gender equality we are all actually talking about women’s rights and their empowerment at work, at home, across the world in general. Creating more leadership roles for women, promoting women and raising their pay grade to the same as men are only the first steps.

We need to work on developing women professionally. They are already beginning to lead men in the education department, with more graduates each year than men. We need to ensure the safety and well-being of women by respecting them more and treating them as equals. No discrimination.

What else can we do?

  1. Talk to women and listen to what they have to say
  2. Defeat our natural and unconscious biases that men and women are not equal
  3. Recreate the way that we advertise products and job opportunity
  4. Do away with the macho attitude
  5. Call out people for treating women poorly
  6. Become a mentor to women
  7. Nominate women for awards at work
  8. Work against child abuse and marriage abuse
  9. Stand against sexual harassment
  10. Raise parental aspirations
  11. Empower mothers, daughters, and sisters
  12. Vote for women
  13. Wok together with women
  14. Encourage women to take non-traditional roles in society and the workforce

How Much Further do we Have to Go?

Some experts have estimated that we have anywhere from one hundred to two hundred and fifty years left before we achieve real gender equality. I think things are progressing much quicker due to significant changes in the way people are beginning to believe in such highly populated countries as the United States, China, and India.

Over the past half-century, more women have gained more rights than ever before in history, and it does not seem to be a fad. It has become a permanent change for the better. A new direction in which the world has begun to turn. Women’s rights, and gender equality, in general, have become a snowball in perpetual motion, which is gaining speed quickly.

The bottom line is that we are heading towards gender equality, and we are in charge of how fast we will usher it in altogether. The harder we work for it, the louder we speak up about it, and the deeper we believe in it, the faster it will come.

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