Female business owners- the more, the merrier

We are all very well familiarized with the gender disparity in the big world of business and entrepreneurship. Women are considered to be the weaker gender and are kept away from the big world of business and important decisions related to their livelihood. One can easily talk about Bezos, Gates, Cuban and Zuckerberg but whom do we talk about when it comes to the counterpart of the males? Vera Wang and Oprah Winfrey. Just two names of women were stated in a list of 25 entrepreneurs compiled and featured.

Since the very beginning of 2018, Women Entrepreneurs are moving ahead, and these lists are becoming more and more gender representative with every passing year. The year 2018 is proudly cited as the ‘Year of the Woman’. Statistics show a growth of 4% when it comes to women seeking investments and starting ventures on their own. Even though this is a significant improvement, it is still not on par with men, and hence women entrepreneurs are still under-represented. When the matter as to why such a difference in the gender ratio of women and men entrepreneurs was looked into, three significant reasons came up: –

  1. Jobs for boys: This uncomfortable truth is what troubles a number of people. Employers are keener on hiring a male than a female. Similarly, the world of entrepreneurship has always remained male-dominated for many centuries. It is challenging to change this mindset, but women entrepreneurs are working hard and making their own space.
  2. Support: All of us need and require the right guidance and support when we decide to start something of our own. An entrepreneur is no different. She would need her share of advice but given the male-dominance, there are hardly any people who would wish to share their wisdom and support with these young women entrepreneurs.
  3. Balance: We all know how important family and maintaining the home and family is to women and how the world has put an un-said rule for a woman, to be solely responsible for the house. An entrepreneur requires a lot of time and energy to plan, strategize, work upon the ideas, implement them and along with these crucial things maintaining and balancing a ‘home’ could become a task and therefore not every family and relation is willing to help them balance both the sides of the table.

Even though it is incredibly tough for a woman entrepreneur to go through all of the things together, but that does not stop them from progressing. When there is a will, there is always a way, and if looked closely there is a plethora of support across the countries, specific to woman business owners. It is a matter of honor to have women entrepreneurs standing tall with the opposite gender and making the place for themselves in a male dominating society. It is absolutely beautiful to see how these women practice the art of balancing home, family and work together and becoming successful in their own ways.

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