Are Women Better Managers?

There is a lot of talk on the internet and media lately about women being better leaders than men. So, is it true? Do women make better managers?

The answer is probably not as black and white as it may seem. However, recent studies do point towards the answer being yes. Let’s take a closer look at the question before jumping to conclusions one way or another.

What are the Qualities of a Good Manager?

To find out if women are indeed better managers than men or not, first, we need to understand better what makes a person a good manager. Despite being male or female.

The following is a list of 10 significant traits that are necessary to make the best manager for any company, business, or organization.

  1. Optimism, positivity, and an attitude which is inspiring to others
  2. Knowledge and experience in the type of business they are managing
  3. Excellent time management and overall reliability
  4. Respect for all employees, regardless of age, sex, nationality, or religion
  5. A strategic outlook on the industry
  6. Leads by example and doesn’t ask others to perform duties they would not do
  7. Possesses honesty and has no hidden agendas
  8. Exceptional public speaking skills, even better at listening
  9. Emotional stability and stays calm under pressure
  10. Makes decisions based on information, not emotions

Women vs Men in Leadership Roles

Over the past couple of years, new studies have emerged indicating that women might indeed make better leaders than men. Let’s see what exactly all the noise is about.

A Study by BI Norwegian Business School

A recent study led by Professor Martinsen of BI Norwegian Business School has concluded that women are better leaders than men. Their poll included 3000 men and women currently working as managers. The actual study consisted of five distinct areas; clear communication and initiative, the ability to innovate, supportiveness and sociability, goal-setting and management, and emotional stability and handling work-related stress.

Women surpassed men in every area of the study except for handling work-related stress and emotional stability. A broad statement which is indicative of that fact women may indeed be superior leaders.

A Recent Gallup Poll

Gallup recently conducted a poll of 2,500 managers, and the results fall in line with other recent studies such as the one undertaken by Professor Martinsen and her colleagues last year. Gallup concluded that women are better managers, claiming that 42% of women are fully engaged while managing businesses, while only 35% of men working in the same positions are as involved as their female counterparts.

Also, according to the poll, women managers are more likely to invest in employee development and the giving and receiving of personal feedback. As well as giving recognition to employees, or as they say, giving credit where credit is due. Women also demonstrated more explicit communication than male managers.

Are Women Actually Better Managers?

According to statistics from recent studies, women do appear to be better managers. If numbers don’t lie, then the answer is clear. Women can and do make better managers than men in general.

As said, we are all human beings, and we are all capable of greatness. Not all women are the same, just as all men are not the same. However, women are natural born leaders and politicians as it takes the same qualities to raise a child, to manage a family, and to hold everything together generally.

Today, 33% of managerial positions in the US are staffed by women. That means one out of three managers are women. I believe in the next few years, as women continue to prove themselves, we will see this number steadily rise, not only in the US but the entire world.

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