Keys to Building Your Career

What is your purpose in life? The answer to this question is the first key to building your career. Having a clear vision and setting goals are keys number two and three. Developing the necessary skills for your chosen profession, networking with others in the field, and working with a mentor are key four, five, and six.

Are you stuck in a slump, or nearing graduation and psyching yourself up for the career of your dreams? Read on to discover how to select the best career, conduct a successful job search, and maintain your dream job once you’ve landed it.

Selecting the Best Career Possible

Money isn’t the most critical aspect of life; however, it is for sure a necessary one. Without a decent career, our finances, and by proxy our choices, become quite limited. Therefore, choosing the most beneficial career field for yourself can be quite a challenge. Before becoming too invested in pursuing a single career path, consider the following:

The nature of work involved

One of the first considerations to make; what sort of job duties will be performed on a daily basis? Will the work include working with products, people, or both? Are you comfortable with the responsibilities that will be expected of you?

The environment of the workplace

What are the conditions of the environment you will be working in within this career field? Will it be inside, outside, or both? Will it involve being on your feet for hours, or sitting at a desk all day?

Special requirements

Many career fields have particular requirements. Will you need a specific type of degree? What about volunteer work or an internship? Do you need to have an inside connection to land the job and begin establishing a career in this field?

Level of income

An important deciding factor is the level of income that your chosen career field will afford you in the long run. This is a huge consideration as it will dictate many of your future options in life.

Ease of advancement

An often overlooked aspect of deciding upon a career path is the chance for advancement once working in the field. Just because there is a tremendous demand for entry-level positions in the industry does not mean that there is necessarily an equal demand for higher positioning in the field.

Conducting a Successful Job Search

In today’s world, the majority of job searches now take place online. Finding and landing the best job opportunity in your chosen career field is now possible from your computer. That being said, creating and embracing a system will make the online job search process a breeze.

Firstly, you must maintain a positive mind frame. Self-confidence is another absolute must in your quest to land the best job possible. Using the pointers below, and a little persistence, you should be able to find and secure the best position easily.

  1. Visualize yourself in your chosen career field
  2. Create/clean up your online presence
  3. Promote yourself in a professional and positive manner
  4. Craft a resume which highlights your experience, achievements, skills, and goals
  5. Volunteer time and efforts to organizations in your desired industry
  6. Display a bold personality and take chances

Building a Career as a Woman

Making a career is one of the most critical steps that we take in life. Despite the leaps and bounds over the past few decades, regarding women’s rights, establishing a rewarding and lucrative career as a woman can still be a bit more difficult than we might like to admit.

Once you have completed a successful job search and landed the best job for you, growing your career is the next step to attain financial security and overall independence as a woman. Adhering to the following steps can help make the process much more manageable:

  1. Be willing to start at the bottom
  2. Become adaptable and intuitive
  3. Employ clear communication
  4. Support other women in the field
  5. Embrace success at all levels
  6. Maintaining a Successful Career as a Woman

A successful career, in the long run, is much like gardening. You begin with an idea, followed by marking your plot, turning the soil, reshaping the earth into rows, and planting seeds. You follow up by frequently watering and pulling weeds to grow healthy plants.

The result of your hard work is that your garden produces the desired fruit you wanted to begin with. It is no different with a successful career. You must see what you want and be willing to invest enormous efforts into your vision. Most of all, you have to follow through even when the going gets rough.

If you have the willpower to work towards your goals consistently, there is nothing in the world that can stop you from gaining and maintaining the most successful career of your dreams. So, what are you waiting for – get out there and get it work!

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