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We are a group of passionate souls and young innovative brains, focused on helping the women with entrepreneurial spirits or a strong will of working forever. Being part of the same world as yours, we know that women empowerment can only happen when all women are educated and employed. After all, the only way to gain the dignity in social circles is through becoming self-dependent and earning a handsome cum sufficient-to-survive amount of money.

Employ Women (EW) is a growing group of numerous career-oriented women and employers, willing to hire the talent ones for their ventures. The platform is a result of declining employment gender ratio and therefore, exclusively built for ladies out there.

As you are now a part of EW’s great Global initiative (or going to be), we would like to tell you about how this platform can help you:

For Job aspirant women, showcasing their expertise through portfolio could become a way of getting noticed by well-established companies and individual employers. In the end, it will end up in bringing more economic work, recognition, and connections for the registered women. Lesser competition, well-built search filters and a good network at EW will help you grow for sure.

Employers can browse through our large database of efficient, well-qualified and responsible women who are able to deliver high-quality work with utter-timeliness.

Note – To register with us, click this link.

Being an EW member, keep one thing in mind, which is – Employer could be of any gender but the service providers will always be women

Thinking why it became a necessity for us to launch such platform, which is exclusively for women?

Let us explain it through some facts –

  • The women employment ratio is declining and has reached 48.6%. (And you thought,we heading in right direction?)
  • A drastic difference of 45% to 16% in pay-scalesstill exists and is a result of gender-based wage biases.
  • Currently, the percentage of women in senior managerial positions is just 28.5%.
  • 25% organizations have NO women employees in these positions at all.

Even after being good at handling the management and leadership related works of their families and social groups, why is it that men have a tight hold on most of the leading positions in the world?

We agree that things are improving, but very slowly and ‘not everywhere’.

So, global initiatives like Employ Women (EW) become a necessity.Our cause of existence is the level of gender-based unfairness;the struggle is real.

We believe that less Women Employment ratio is not an indicator of their efficiency but the comparatively lower wages, social issues, maternity, family care reasons and more.

As these causes do not look legit enough to outlaw these women from workforces, EW tries to bring all these great minds together and asks people to”Employ Woman to Empower Women” – that too, at as much wages as they pay to eligible men employees.

For now, we are leaving you with these county-wise employment gender ratio statistics,which we are committed to change:


Source: Our World in Data

These bubbles, spread from 15% to 85% need to ‘rise up’– literally – and, WE, all of us, are going to make this happen TOGETHER.

Just to socialize or to get the resolution to your queries, you can reach out to us whenever you like:

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/employwoman

Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/employwoman

Support Email:  info@employwoman.com

Also, you can read our blog to get inspired by the stories we share and tensed by the thought-provoking issues we talk about.You can also share your or other females’ success or struggle stories and ideas for improving women employment. We’re always listening, growing and working – just as our women taskforce. 🙂

Thanks for being the part of our mission; we wish you a successful and heart-pleasing journey ahead. Explore EW and enjoy the experiences, coming next in your lives.

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