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Employ Women is a growing group of numerous career-oriented women and employers, willing to hire the talent ones for their ventures. The platform is a result of declining employment gender ratio and therefore, exclusively built for ladies out there.
EmployWoman is focused on helping the women with entrepreneurial spirits or a strong will of working forever. Being part of the same world as yours, we know that women empowerment can only happen when all women are educated and employed. Every Women dreams of becoming self-dependent and earning a handsome cum sufficient-to-survive along with with good family to live with.
How it All began

How it All began

``Alone, I could do just somethings, together, we can achieve a lot``
A group of people got together and the collective thinking on giving something back to the world, making this world a better place, giving birth to Employ Woman. The issue of gender discrimination, was something that has been prevailing since the beginning of time. It was the result of several years of brainstorming, and each of our personal experiences which helped us to make it happen.
The Realisation

The Realisation

“It’s never too late to realise.”
We realised that Countries who are considered strong like USA, India, Australia and many more, do not even rank in top 20 countries in the world for best gender equality ratio.
March 08th 2018, when everyone celebrated World Women’s Day, we started to work together to make sure that in few years we no longer need a day to make the women’s in our life happy, making sure they enjoy the benefits of being on this planet.
The Result

The Result

“Change is the end result of all true learning.”
On July 10th 2018 we launched this platform which is ready to help women across the globe, and for companies across the globe to help empower women and promote gender equality. There are countries who have ban on women driving, let’s bring a revolution to ensure the best for every woman, not just the ones we love.

Founded in


With the aim to achieve gender equality and a better life for Women across the world. Our motto, Employ Woman, Empower Women.

Total Women population


48.6% of world women population is currently employed, while percentage of women in senior managerial positions is just 28.5%.

Global Gender Gap Index

5 Countries

Only 5 countries have reached a Global gender gap index of 80% or more.
Can it be 100%?

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